We have witnessed immense growth in technology in the past decade, and it has benefited us in various ways. We are now living smarter and have enhanced lifestyles, thanks to convenient Amazon devices like security cameras, smart TVs, and refrigerators. We can also purchase essential smart products and more online on e-commerce websites like Amazon, where the products are delivered to our doorstep within a day, as well.

Amazon Voice Assistant

Amazon Voice Assistant

Also known as the Echo voice assistant, this smart device from Amazon includes Alexa, a cloud-based smart system. The device needs to be connected to the internet using WiFi and can be placed anywhere in the house. The device includes a built-in microphone that allows you to provide voice commands to it from across the room. Alexa can be used for ordering food, listening to music, checking latest news and weather updates. The device also provides answers to almost all your questions.

Kindle E-Readers

Kindle e-Readers

Far gone are the days when avid readers had to visit a library for books or buy them to read. With Kindle E-readers, one can download the e-books and read them anytime. It allows the user to store a number of books, and provide an amazing reading experience, thanks to the high-resolution display it offers. Users can also use the device to send and read emails in both word and pdf formats.

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote

A very useful smart device that allows you to convert a regular TV into a smart TV, the Amazon Fire TV stick is indeed a must-have these days. The device is user-friendly and can be set-up in no time. All you need to get it started is a secured Wi-Fi connection and a TV with an HDMI port. Users can download various apps and also subscribe to many entertainment apps like Netflix, Prime Video and more.

The online marketplaces have introduced several innovative products that help create a smart and safe home. In this article, let us focus on the best Amazon Devices you can use for your home. But, purchasing the same can be overwhelming due to the wide range of products available in each category.

Well, we made it easy for you. Listed below are the five best Amazon devices (along with some extra ones) that are perfect for every smart home, including yours.

5 Best Amazon Devices for Smart Home

Product NameAverage Buyer RatingPrice RangeDiscounted Price
Echo Dot$$Check Product Price
Kindle Paperwhite$$$Check Product Price
Echo Smart Speaker$$$Check Product Price
Kindle Oasis$$$Check Product Price
Echo Show$$$Check Product Price

Echo Dot

Average buyer rating:
Echo Dot - Smart Speaker with Alexa - Charcoal


There is no doubt in saying that Amazon Echo has taken the world by storm. Thanks to its impressive features, the smart speaker has changed the way we search for information online. An all-new addition to the existing Amazon Echo product is the Echo Dot, which comes with enhanced features.

The improved sound of this device is worth a mention, not to forget the Alexa feature that provides voice control over the other smart devices of your home. You can ask the Echo Dot any question and learn about the latest news or listen to your favorite music tracks by using the voice command. The device can also be used to enhance the room’s music by connecting it to an external speaker. The device can be used to convert your house into a smart home, and it will for sure make your life easy and convenient.

The voice-controlled speaker now has improved sound, and the new design of Echo Dot is impressive, thanks to the inclusion of the vibrant blue light ring. The device is light in weight and includes a built-in speaker that is of 1.6 inches. The Alexa application used in the Echo Dot can be paired with Fire OS, iOS and Android devices.

Echo Dot can also be used to call and message your family or friends who use the Alexa app or the Echo device. As per the recent update, it is said that the device is equipped with about 1500 skills to help with many day to day activities.

The Echo Dot comes with a limited warranty of a year and is available in three appealing colors – white, black, and grey

Kindle Paperwhite

Average buyer rating:
Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof with Double Storage


If you love to read, it is time you invest in the best version of Kindle – the Kindle Paperwhite. The 6thgeneration Kindle Paperwhite boasts of high resolution and has improved the glare-free display. The 6-inch screen comes with LED lights that are adjustable and let you read for hours without any trouble. The device has an excellent battery life and hence can be carried along without the worry of it getting switched off.

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is sleek, lightweight, and waterproof. So, if you are looking for a perfect partner on your next trip, Kindle Paperwhite is the one to choose. The device also has twice the storage when compared to its earlier models.

Users get to choose Kindle Paperwhite from the two available models – the 8 GB and the 32 GB Wi-Fi. Both the variants come with the paperwhite display, which is 300 ppi and is glare-free. The device is sleek and lightweight and weighs about 180 grams and 190 grams each (for both variants). It can be charged via an adaptor or from a computer using a USB cable. If you are using the device to read about half an hour every day, a single charge can last for more than 4- 5 weeks.

The Kindle Paperwhite supports various formats like Kindle (AZW), TXT, HTML DOC, DOCX, PNG, JPEG to name a few. The device is waterproof and can withstand water immersion for about 60 minutes. Users can easily adjust the fonts, the size, the margins, and the line spacing and can also convert the text to speech.

Kindle Paperwhite also provides cloud storage for the content, but it does not support audiobooks.

Echo Smart Speaker

Average buyer rating:
Echo Smart Speaker - Twilight Blue


An amazing smart device launched by Amazon is the Echo Smart Speaker. If you love everything smart, you certainly need to check out the features of its device that comes included with a cloud-based “smart voice control system, Alexa.”

The device answers all your questions in a jiffy. All you need to do is to say “Alexa” and follow it by the question. The device features the 2.5-inch woofer and delivers powerful audio when used with the music apps. The device can also be used to schedule the controls of your smart devices. The Echo Smart Speaker makes your life easy and smart.

The device works flawlessly with Alexa and can be placed in any part of your house. The device weighs about 820 grams, which is not too heavy for a smart device that has some amazing features. The Echo smart speaker includes a 0.6” tweeter along with a 2.5” woofer.

Like other Echo devices, this too is compatible with android, iOS and can also be used with a desktop browser. One of the stunning features of this device is that it comes along with seven microphones that have noise cancellation.

This is a must-have speaker if you love music. The output of the Echo smart speaker is powerful, and the 360-degree audio fills the room with crisp and bass-filled audio. The feature called “multi-room” lets the user play music on all the echo devices in the house at the same time.

So, if you are looking for a smart and feature-rich speaker, this is the one to choose.

Kindle Oasis

Average buyer rating:
Kindle Oasis with Adjustable Warm Light & Wifi


Kindle Oasis is a stunning, feature-rich device that has a 7-inch white paper display. The front of the device has 12 LEDs that can be adjusted to achieve the right brightness. Users can also change the font when reading the book of their choice. As the device is lightweight, it can be held with one hand without the worry of any pain.

The device has a built-in storage of 8 GB, and users can also choose a 32 GB variant if required. Kindle Oasis is light in weight and has a sleek design and is available in an attractive anodized aluminum black color. It can be connected via Wi-Fi or via a hotspot and can be charged within 2-3 hours.

Users have an option to adjust the brightness or the font size as per their preference. It also customizes the reading time based on your reading routine. One of the best features of the Kindle Oasis is the storage space it offers. Users can store thousands of books and access any book in no time. There are no lags, and the model being sturdy is perfect as your travel partner.

Though Kindle Oasis is expensive when compared to other generations, it is worth every penny spent.

Echo Show

Average buyer rating:
Echo Show with 10.1" HD Screen - Charcoal


Amazon Echo Show is the perfect device if you love video calling or like to watch content. The device has a 10.1-inch touch screen display and includes the feature of Alexa voice control. The features of the Amazon show not only make your life smarter, but it makes it easy to take complete control of your everyday routine. Users can shop online, check for updates and news, or even set alarms. The device has a design like a tablet, and this makes it user-friendly.  It has a great sound quality, thanks to the quality of in-built speakers it has.

The device lets the users magnify the screen, do some color corrections or even open Alexa captioning. The device which comes with a warranty of one year is very easy to set up and use, thanks to the “Alexa voice control” feature. The Echo Show like other echo devices helps you with online shopping, setting alarms, and more.

If you are looking for an advanced version of Amazon Echo, the Echo Show is a must-have.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do we need Wi-Fi to use Alexa?
    Yes, users would need Wi-Fi to use Alexa. It is a smart, integrated cloud system and needs an internet connection that is secure and stable to perform effectively. Users can use Alexa with a secure Hotspot or via Bluetooth as well.
  • Can we use Kindle to browse the internet?
    Kindle can be used to browse the internet. The device can also be used to view or send emails and access documents in various formats other than pdf and Docx. Though the users can use it for the internet, it is limited to 3G and Wikipedia and Amazon. If you wish to browse other websites, you can connect it with your Wi-Fi connection.
  • How different are Kindle and Tablet?
    Both Kindle and Tablet look very much alike, but they differ a lot when it comes to their use. Kindle devices can be used only for reading books or documents. However, a tablet can be used for reading and also for games, music, videos, and more. So, if you are looking to use the device for reading and to access entertainment content, you need to choose a tablet. But, if you wish to use a device just for reading without any distractions, a Kindle is always the best!
  • Are Alexa and Echo the same?
    This is a common question asked by many. Alexa is a cloud-based system that acts as the brain of Echo. Echo is a speaker that uses Alexa to perform various operations. Users can use the Echo devices for different functions and use their voice for the same due to Alexa.
  • What devices can I connect to Alexa?
    Amazon Echo, as well as Amazon Fire TV Stick, use Alexa and can be used to control any of the compatible devices in your home. These can include smart lights or fans or TVs or even coffee machines.

Now that you know about the best Amazon devices available for your smart home, it is time you check the pros and choose the ideal one to lead a smart and happy life!


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