Dog tags are a necessity for your favorite pet, now a days.

If you have a four-legged furry pet, which is more like a family, you would for sure be worried about his/her safety. Dogs fill various needs of ours, as they take place in our lives as companions. We can train them, they amuse us, and they help us and even protect us when the time comes. Dogs are loyal by their nature, and it is the responsibility of every pet owner to buy the best dog Pet ID Tags for their adorable pet.


Dog Size Relative to a 6 Foot Man
Common Name: Domestic Dog
Scientific Name: Canis familiaris
Type: Mammals
Diet: Omnivore
Group Name: Pack
Size: Height at the shoulder: 6 to 33 inches
Weight: 3 to 175 pounds

We can never predict accidents, they can happen anytime and to anyone, and your pet is no exception. Carrying a pet tag that has your contact details is one of the best ways to find a lost pet. These tags come in handy when your dog goes missing, or when it gets involved in any mishap or an accident.

Pet tags are made using different materials and are available in different sizes and styles, as well. So, you can choose a pet tag that is classic and lasts long, or you can opt for something trendy. Whatever your choice is, make sure to choose one that is made using quality material.

There are various tag brands that provide plethora of options for you to choose from. To make the selection easy for you, we have compiled a list of the five best dog Pet ID Tags you can buy online with ease.

Best Dog Tags for Your Furry Friend

Product NameAverage Buyer RatingPrice RangeDiscounted Price
CNATTAGS Bone Pet Dog Tags$Check Product Price
GoTags Custom Dog Tags$Check Product Price
TagsPro Stainless Steel Dog Tags$$Check Product Price
CNATTAGS Stainless Steel Round Pet Dog Tags$Check Product Price
CNATTAGS Slide-On Pet Dog Tags$Check Product Price

CNATTAGS Bone Pet Dog Tags

Average buyer rating:

CNATTAGS Bone Dog Tags

If you are looking for a premium quality dog ID, the Pet ID Tags from CNATTAGS are a must check. These pet tags are made using anodized aluminum, and these are durable and look absolutely stylish at the same time.

CNATTAGS Heart Dog Tags

The premium quality pet ID can be customized so that it matches the style of your furry friend, and your preference. The pet tags are also available in different colors like gold, red, orange and pink, to name a few.

CNATTAGS Round Dog Tags

These pet tags can be used for dogs and for cats, as well. Known to be the best among the dog tags available, these are available at a pocket-friendly price.


The tags do not have any sharp edges and are safe to be used even on puppies. The durable pet tags include a laser engraving that lasts forever. The tags have the engraving on one side, and the pet and its owner details can be engraved the opposite side. Details like the name of the dog or the cat, your name, your contact number and address on these pet IDs.

GoTags Custom Dog Tags

Average buyer rating:

GoTags Custom Dog Tags

Are you looking for a smart pet tag that is of premium quality? If yes, you certainly need to check out the GoTags Pet IDs that are custom made for both dogs and cats. The makers have made these pet tags available in various colors, making it a hard choice for the pet owners.

GoTags Custom Dog Tags - Single

Not all pet tags can have a lot of information engraved on them. But, the GoTags Pet IDs are way different from the others. The great-looking pet tag can feature content of four lines and 18 pet lines. This is one of the reasons why these tags are the ultimate choice of many.

GoTags Dog Tags

The stylish dog tag has a split ring that can be used to attach the ID to the collar. These tags are also available in different sizes. So, whatever age or breed your dog is, you will for sure find a suitable pet tag for it. Just enter the size when you are making a purchase, and the request is well taken care of.

Pet owners can include 8 lines of text on these pet IDs. These IDs can be engraved on both sides, thus provide enough room to include every bit of necessary information. You can include 4 lines of text on the front and 4 lines on the back as well.

GoTags Star Dog Tags

Like mentioned earlier, these pet tags are available in shapes like star, round, flower, bone, heart, and more. Once you have selected the shape of the pet tag, just click on the customize option to add the text. Make sure to add it to the cart once you have added all the contact information.

TagsPro Stainless Steel Dog Tags

Average buyer rating:

TagsPro Stainless Steel Dog Tags

Stainless steel pet tags are not only of high quality but are those modish dog tags that feature engravings on both sides. Similar to the dog tags mentioned above, the stainless steel pet ID tags can feature 8 lines of text, 4 lines on each side.


The stainless steel dog tags are big and hence provide enough space to add the contact information of your pet. The tags are good to be used for puppies, dogs of all sizes, and even for cats. As these are made of premium quality steel, they are durable and last long. The pet tags do not have any sharp edges and do not cause any discomfort to the pets.

TagsPro Stainless Steel Dog Tags Holder

The stainless steel pet ID tags are not only stylish but are available in cute styles. If you are looking for a cute paw-like pet tag, you can choose the one made in steel. These pet tags are very light in weight, and you can add your name, your contact number and the address on the back. Each of these tags also comes with a clasp ring. What else can you ask for? Just get online and grab one!

CNATTAGS Stainless Steel Round Pet Dog Tags

Average buyer rating:

CNATTAGS Stainless Steel Round Pet Dog Tags

Most of the pet owners prefer round pet tags, and we assume they have their own reasons to do so. The round pet tags are safe as they do not have any sharp edges, they look very cute on the pet’s collar and do not cause any discomfort as well.

The stainless steel round pet tag from CNATTAGS is indeed a must-try, as they are known to be the best dog tags available online. The pet tags though are round; each of them comes with a unique engraved design on it. The makers also provide customization options where you can choose from various designs like hearts, fishbone, peace, cat, butterfly and more.

CNATTAGS Stainless Steel Round Pet ID Tags

Each of these pet tags also comes with a mirrored finish, and as these are made of premium quality stainless steel, you need not worry about their durability. Buyers can add the text details in the gift area section during the checkout. So, just give these a look, and you will for sure not get disappointed.

CNATTAGS Slide-On Pet Dog Tags

Average buyer rating:

CNATTAGS Slide-On Dog Tags

If you haven’t found the perfect pet tag for your dog yet, you certainly need to have a look at the Slide on pet ID tags. These pet tags can be added to the collar with ease, and these are durable and are of high quality as well.

The pet dog tags are made of stainless steel, and these slide in and off easily on the collars. These can also be used with nylon collars that have buckles. The tag just stays in place, and as it does not dangle, there is no worry of it being lost.

CNATTAGS Slide-On Pet ID Tags

This tag, though can be used with all collar styles, is not suitable with collars that come with plastic snaps and are adjustable. The slide on pet id tags is available in three sizes, and the pet owners can add their personalized text that is engraved on the tag.

Though it is the best, these pet tags are available at a pocket-friendly price. Just give these a try, and you and your pet are for sure going to love it.

So, now that you are aware of various kinds of pet dog tags available for online purchases, it is time you get online and choose one for your four-legged friend. You might want to have a look at some of the common questions asked by pet owners before they buy a pet dog tag or ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the things I need to consider when purchasing a pet ID or dog tag online?
    If you are planning to get some pet ID tags, you are indeed doing the right thing. You need to consider a few things before you go ahead with your purchase. Make sure to put the name of your dog on the pet ID. This is important as in case he goes missing; he feels peace when the person addresses him with this actual name. Also, when the person calls you to inform, they can tell you that your pet (name) is with him/her.You also need to make sure that the text lines provided on the pet tag are long enough to hold all the contact information. Also, the text when engraved, needs to be readable. The tag needs to fit your dog well. Never go for over or undersized tags as they can easily get matted into their fur. If your pet does not like a dangling tag, choose an in-built collar tag or the slide on variant. So, think twice and purchase the pet ID tag that is durable and useful.


  • What information needs to be engraved on the dog tags or pet ID tag?
    A few countries have laws that state what needs to be engraved on the pet ID. In most cases, it needs the name of the pet owner, the complete address with the phone number. The tag also needs to have the name of the pet engraved on it. While some pet clubs do not recommend the use of the pet’s name on the ID, you can include it as well.


  • Does my pet need a pet ID tag?
    Well, as mentioned, a pet ID tag can help you find the pet when it gets lost. Also, some countries insist that a dog wears a legal ID, and if it does not, there can be a fine imposed.  A pet ID tag helps a person get in touch with you in case your dog is lost or when it has wandered off.


  • How can I order a pet dog tag online?
    Ordering a pet ID tag has never been easy. Take your time to browse through the collections available. Pick the design you fancy, and choose the color or the size. Add the text that needs to be engraved before you checkout. You can use letters and numbers to save on space. Review before you confirm the order and make the payment.

Pets often wander away, and finding a missing pet is a hard task. People who have pets treat them like family, and the first step they can take to ensure its safety is to give it a pet ID tag. Buying the best dog tags are no longer difficult as they are available for purchase online, and are manufactured by leading brands.

If you need to wear a band or jewelry around your neck forever, you certainly want it to be comfortable, stylish, and of premium quality. So, when you are choosing a pet ID tag or dog tag for your pet, make sure to consider these factors and choose only the best.


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