Action cameras like GoPro have changed the way we see the world. Regardless of whether it’s that adrenaline-siphoning skydiving film, insane kayaking video, or snowboarding shenanigans, it is must to have a GoPro camera that helps to capture the moments on time. The little and tough little gadgets pack a punch, offer incredible quality video and sound, and all these features are available at a sensibly economical cost.

Here’s our thorough rundown of the best GoPro cameras you can purchase online.

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5 Best GoPro Cameras for Your Activity World

Product NameAverage Buyer RatingPrice RangeDiscounted Price
GoPro Hero7 Silver$$$Check Product Price
GoPro Karma$$$$Check Product Price
GoPro Hero 2018$$$Check Product Price
GoPro Hero5 Black$$$Check Product Price
GoPro Hero6 Black$$$Check Product Price

EXCLUSIVE: GoPro Hero8 Black available now!

GoPro Hero7 Silver

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GoPro HERO7 Silver - Waterproof with Action Camera


You would prefer a Silver or Ash-grey shade over a black one. Hence the first USP to go for the GoPro Hero7 Silver is the shade of the Picture based Video Cam. It looks trendy and suave. You can call the Silver shade, to be the older brother of GoPro Hero7 Black.

The GoPro Silver comes to you with an exotic array of sensor touch capabilities. The sensor touch captures a massive 10MP. The photoshoots can be stills. Or you can take the shoot at a burst of 15 fps. The Wide Dynamic Range retains itself according to the shoot-out speed. The WDR also helps you to conceal those shadows. The spotlight points of the photoshoot are retained. This way, you get a highlighted tint on photography in an effective manner.

With the all-new GoPro Hero7 Silver, you can conveniently make use of the Touch Zoom facility. Just slide your finger up and down the screen zooms. Now blend into the scene. This way, you get alternative frames. Like close-ups, stills, 3D, and so on.

Keep the mode to Portrait and unveil the magic that unfolds. These images or videos can be integrated into your Instagram Story or Snap Chat. You will need to plug into the GoPro App. This connects the camera to the smart device.

With these advanced features on the Hero7 series, you can never go wrong with your buy.

GoPro Karma

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GoPro Karma with HERO6 Black


Meet the all-new GoPro Karma. This is one of the most-featured products of the GoPro action cameras. The GoPro Karma is shaped up in the form of a drone. It is, in fact, a quadcopter that can fly.

The GoPro action camera combines itself with a drone. The Karma is a stand-alone kit that can be attached to a Hero 4 Camera as well. You get it at US$ 750 or 999. You can attach the Karma to your GoPro camera or a fusion model. This way, it unfolds itself into a helicopter mount. It flies while you capture stills, videos, and portrait photographs.

You can call the GoPro Karma a superlative gimbal beyond the slightest element of doubt. The camera sits at a propelling position ready to fly. The Karma has a three-axis propellant that keeps the camera properly oriented, while you are about to let the device fly. Even while the drone keeps dipping or diving, the camera remains perfectly poised. It remains in perfect sync with the horizon. At the GoPro Karma, the gimbal and the camera are mounted at the front instead of under the body. Aerial photographs or high-altitude video shootings can be made possible via GoPro Karma.

The video shooting capabilities of a GoPro model are compatible with a 4K resolution at 30 fps. You also get other high-speed options such as 1080 pixels at 120 fps and 720p at 240. The drone or the Karma effect barely interferes with the GoPro cam you intend attaching with.

When you attach a Hero5 Cam to the Karma, you get natural photos best suited to their surroundings or habitat. This is mainly because the drone effect provides a linear view of the entire dimension of photography. The fish-eye effects caused by the wide-angled lens of GoPro models are reduced considerably. Therefore, you get amazing and picture-clear stills and videos.

GoPro Hero 2018

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GoPro Hero 2018 - Waterproof Digital Action Camera


GoPro Hero 2018 is a completely no-fuss kind of a device. It is that meant for the tech-savvy photographers. The Hero 2018 model is meant for the first time and intermediate users. Let us go on to unbox features connected with the same.

The rubberized matt finish is just the same as the previous versions, Hero5 and Hero6 Black. Plus, the encase is designed in such a way that the device is water-proof until waters 33 m deep. The Hero 2018 model has a two-button interface, a front view LCD, and a rear-view touchscreen. The connectivity is also just the same. You can operate the Hero model using USB C, HDMI, Wi-Fi, and Blue Tooth.

As stated above, the model is just a basic one suitable for the first time and intermediate users. The features, therefore, do not comply with advanced levels. You can operate the videos at an HD capacity of 1080p. You have the Hero model enabled with a 10MP sensor. You do have the 1440p mode. But that works at the 4:3 ratio. The complete 4K resolution does not work on this particular model. When you take a look at stills, you get better zooming and high-contrast edges. The still photographs look superb when you view these at smaller sizes.

The user-friendly features have been kept intact in this Hero model too. Although you do not have advanced features as in Hero5 Black or Hero 6 version, the price of the action pro cam is friendly indeed. You get the action-pro cam for $200. The prices are slashed down, but the usability isn’t.

GoPro Hero5 Black

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GoPro Hero5 Black - Waterproof Digital Action Camera


GoPro has always been a fascinating brand among sports enthusiasts. Sedentary weekend guys can get super-amused with the action and the camera.

The Hero5 Black has been designed aesthetically. It hardly resembles the size of a matchbox. You have a 2-inch touch screen, at the back that is easy to notice. The smaller screen at the front of the cam lends you readouts. These are for the shooting mode, SD card space, and the amount of battery that is left.

The all-new GoPro Hero5 Black is completely waterproof even at waters up to 33 feet or 10 meters deep. The camera is therefore waterproof straight out of the box. It does not contain the protective encasing either. The small lens that covers the frontal portion of the camera can be removed too. This way, you can boost your video shoot-out footage even while you are diving or snorkeling.

You have a sophisticated range of image filters that are added to the small lens covering the action-pro camera. These filters can take water shoots and land-based scenes in a hassle-free manner. You must twist to remove the cover. This way, you can activate the filter where you love shooting video scenes at. The image filters also get handy if the cover or encase of the camera gets damaged.

You have a solid water-proof voice-activated shutter button and a Quick Key USB C port. GoPro has now switched over to the C modeled ports. Further to this, you find a Mobile Micro SD card reader. You can use the reader to transport or download image cum video files. This is especially true when you do not have a laptop or phone available at the source. You also have an aerial filming solution. You can use the add-on accessory that snugly fits into your backpack.

GoPro Hero6 Black

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GoPro HERO6 Black — Waterproof Digital Action Camera


The size of the GoPro Hero6 Black is almost miniature. Hence, it is almost impossible for users to gauge if it is an action pro camera. You find plenty of power-packed features on the all-new Hero6 version of Go-Pro.

You have a customized chipset added to the Hero 6 version. You call it the GP1 processor. You can take silky smooth slow-motion video footage with the brand-new technology. The Hero6 lets you take those exotic slow-movement videos at 60fps.

You can also capture impressive 1080p Full HD footage at an incredibly fascinating 240 fps. This is not all. Hero 6 also gives you the ultimatum to shoot out in between these two ranges. I.e. 60 and 240 fps. You can take 2.7 K resolutions at a beautiful 120 fps. In total, these are the three bandwidths on video shooting you can take up. Users would never expect this kind of performance from such a compact yet durable action-cam. None other than the brand-new GoPro Hero6 Black!

The designers or manufacturing brand of Hero6 Black is none other than GoPro. They have included a simple GP1 tech that seamlessly gives you active image stabilization. Even while you shoot out at the complete 4K resolution, you can experience a wonderful level of image stabilization. The stabilization is usually capped at 30 fps. You can also achieve the result while you shoot out at 120 fps on the full HD mode. Want to capture stills? The all-new GoPro Hero6 version can help you capture 12MP images at single, burst, and time-lapse modes.

The in-built HDR (High Dynamic Range) of the Hero6 helps you accomplish high-contrast scenes in a hassle-free manner. The compact and durable GoPro Hero6 Black lets your video shoot at waters down to 33 feet or 10 meters. You can do so without any housing. Those exotic slow-motion swimming shoots can be the highlight of your holidaying spree.

The durable Hero6 Action-pro camera has been designed using a sturdy plastic frame. You can have fun with all kinds of fancy mount capabilities. Amid the tightly snug design, you also have the Micro SD card. You can punch the extra memory card right there, beside the user-swappable battery. The crystal clear 2-inch touchscreen allows you to review the background pictures, videos, and change settings too. The touch-based screen is the world’s tiniest.

EXCLUSIVE – GoPro Hero8 Black

GoPro Hero8 Black is a waterproof action camera releasing on October 31, 2019. It will have a touch-screen, 4K ultra HD-video, 12MP photos and 1080p live-streaming stabilization.

GoPro HERO8 Black — Waterproof Action Camera

Other features:

Streamlined design – The reimagined shape is more pocketable, and folding fingers at the base let you swap mounts quickly.

HERO8 Black Mods – Vloggers, pro filmmakers, and aspiring creators can do more than ever imagined—with quick-loading accessories like flashes.

Hyper Smooth 2. 0 – Smooth just got smoother. Now HERO8 Black has three levels of stabilization.

Time Warp 2. 0 – Capture super stabilized time-lapse videos while you move through an activity.

Live Burst – Record the moments 1. 5 seconds before and after your shot, so you can choose the best single frame for the perfect photo.

GoPro HERO8 Black - Order now at Amazon



Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are action cameras, and how easy are they to use?
    Action cameras are small, yet tough and are unlike other cameras available today. These can easily be attached to your helmet, car, or even to your surfboard. These are easy to use and include a high-definition lens that lets you capture stunning images and videos. The GoPro cameras are known for time-lapse and slow-motion video capture.
  • What makes GoPro the best in action cameras?
    GoPro is undoubtedly the market leader when it comes to action cameras, as they are the ones who initially launched this camera genre. Some of the features of GoPro cameras you cannot ignore are 4K footage, faster frame rates, auto-editing, image stabilization and most of their devices include touchscreen control.
  • What are the types of action cameras available?
    An action camera is like your regular camera, but it includes more rugged features. The common types of action cameras are Cylindrical/Bullets, Rectangular, and Mini-action cameras. Most of these are used in sports or to record a stunt.
  • What are the factors to consider while buying one?
    Some of the factors you need to look into while buying action cameras are the design and their size. You need to choose a camera that is lightweight and can help you capture stunning high-definition videos. It is also important to choose a GoPro camera based on your requirements. If you are looking for a compact yet functional camera that is small and lightweight, it is time you choose the best from GoPro action cameras and never miss out on capturing those adorable moments during your next holiday.

So, choose the best from the GoPro cameras and never miss out on capturing those adorable moments during your next holiday.


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