Smart watches for men are an extended version of a smartphone. The wearable technology meets your needs with features like fitness tracking, instant alerts, and notifications, and more. With leading tech-companies like Samsung and Apple entering into the race, every version of smart watch outperforms its previous iteration, and it’s rival’s latest version as well.

Though consumers are happy with the launch of new smartphones every quarter, they are often faced with the issue of “choice overload”.

In this post, we review some of the best smart watches for men, helping you simplify your buying options. Before you start reading the reviews, do ask yourself a question – why do I need a smart watch? Do you need one to keep track of your fitness goals? Or, do you want to own the latest smartwatch for joy?

Knowing why you need a smart watch helps you pick one with the right features. So, when you read through our review of the best smart watches for men, you can rank every watch based on its features, and if it meets your requirement or not, making it easy to make a right selection.

Best Smart Watches for Men

Product NameAverage Buyer RatingPrice RangeDiscounted Price
Apple Watch Series 5$$$Check Product Price
Samsung Galaxy Watch$$$Check Product Price
Fossil Gen 5 Smart Watch$$$Check Product Price
Mobvoi TicWatch Pro$$$Check Product Price
Apple Watch Series 4$$$Check Product Price

Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS)

Average buyer rating:

Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch Series 5 with GPS is undoubtedly the best of all the smartwatches, but only for iPhone users. Remember that an Apple smartwatch cannot be connected to an android device.

Apple Watch Series 5 - Call Feature

One of the major upgrades of this smartwatch is the “Always-On” display, which is the most noticed of all. The makers have also made upgrades to both the hardware and the software of this watch, but the always-on display is the one loved by all. Due to this feature, the smartwatch looks just like a real watch, and not as a fitness tracker. If you have used a smartwatch before, you will be aware that it does take a little time to wake up once you flick your wrist.

If we look at the fitness features of the Apple smartwatch, it hasn’t received many upgrades when compared to Apple Watch 4. Be it the heart rate monitor or the accelerometer; the features remain the same in Apple Watch 5 as well. One noticeable upgrade is the compass, which helps the user with navigation along with the GPS. This is one amazing feature that comes in handy when you go hiking or trekking.

Apple Watch Series 5 Features

So, if you are looking for the best smartwatches for men, Apple Watch 5 is the one to go for – only if you have an iPhone. If not, scroll down to check the others!!

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Average buyer rating:

Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch

The smartwatches from Samsung are ideal for those who are looking for an Always-on feature for android phones. With a hard competition from Apple 5, Samsung Galaxy 5 is a great watch that has quite a number of built-in applications. The major difference between Apple 5 and Samsung Galaxy 5 is the OS. While Apple 5 is limited to iOS users, Samsung is not.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch

Another difference between these two smartwatches is their style. If you are looking for a smartwatch that matches your formal style, the Samsung Galaxy is the ideal one for you. With stylish looks, this watch comes in an impressive stainless steel case. The watch also features bezels, which adds to its classic look. The bezel, which was once used by ancient travellers to track time, is now placed on Samsung Galaxy smartwatch for menu navigation.

Users get to choose from two differently sized Samsung Galaxy smartwatches – the 46mm and the 42mm version. The 46mm comes in silver and a black theme, whereas the 42mm watch is available in midnight black or a rose gold theme. While both these sizes are impressive, the larger one goes well with formal wear, and the smaller one is made for people who are slim wrists.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch Features

If we keep the looks aside, the 46mm sized watch has a little bigger screen when compared to the 42mm version. It also has a longer battery life and lasts about 20 hours more than the smaller-sized watch.

Like other smartwatches, Samsung Galaxy too has features that help with fitness tracking. The watch includes the Samsung Health app and various sensors that help detect sleep mode, calorie burned, and more.

Fossil Gen 5 Smart Watch

Average buyer rating:

Fossil Gen 5 Smart Watch

For those who are not aware, the brand Fossil has been making watches from the year 1984 and has earned a reputation for themselves. The smartwatches from Fossil are mid-priced and have excellent features.

The Fossil Gen 5 is priced less than the Apple 5 and Samsung Galaxy, but still includes some of the most impressive features of a smartwatch. If you are looking for a decently priced smartwatch with more than basic features, this is the one to use. This is one of the best smartwatches to choose if you are looking for an uninterrupted connection between your android phone and the watch.

Users get to choose from seven different kinds of bands, ranging from stainless steel to black silicone. Fossil is known worldwide to be a fashion company, and hence all their watches are extremely stylish. So, you can choose the watch that suits your personality or look.

The Fossil Gen 5 has a Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset, and this is what makes it a high performing smartwatch in the market. The watch features 1 GB RAM, and this makes it a fast performer, and it runs smooth when compared to any other smartwatch.

Fossil Gen 5 Smart Watch Features

The watch has some basic features, like GPS, built-in NFC, a speaker, and a function to monitor the heart rate of the user. The watch also has a Cardiogram app and helps to detect conditions like hypertension, sleep apnea, and diabetes. The watch is water-resistant and can be used without worries when in shower or swimming.

Google Fit is the primary application used by Fossil Gen 5 for fitness tracking. This works well with android as well as Apple phones. The performance is monitored using move minutes and heart points. Users can also install third-party applications if required.

This is a great watch for those who do not wish to get troubled with many apps. If you are looking for a simple, easy to use, budget-friendly watch, this is the one to choose.

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro

Average buyer rating:

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro

A new smart watch in the market, the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro has managed to capture its share of the market with stunning designs and tech-savvy watches. If you are not shy about trying out new but impressive products, this smartwatch is worth a try.

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro - Call Option

The Mobvoi TicWatch E was quite impressive, and the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro is known to be their premium product. The brand works with a philosophy to deliver stylish watches with high-end features at a pocket-friendly price.

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro Apps

Like other smartwatches, the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro does not have crowns or moving bezels. Users get to interact mostly via the display or using the buttons located on the side of the watch. One of the two buttons located is the home button, and the other one can be used to access various features.

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro Health

The display of the watch is one major innovation the brand has introduced to the wearable device market. Though it has a touchscreen, the watch combines two screens in one watch face.

The top screen is an LCD and is transparent. This screen can be used as the low-power screen. The screen displays data like step count, the time and the heart rate, and provides excellent visibility even in direct sunlight.

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro Features

Under the transparent LCD is the touchscreen, which has a high resolution of 400 x 400 pixels. This screen can be used to access most of the functions of this smartwatch.

The overall look of Mobvoi TicWatch Pro is impressive, but it certainly cannot compete with Fossil or Apple 5. The fitness tracking of this watch is impressive and is loved by most users. Though the watch is water-resistant, it does not support depths, and cannot be used when swimming.

Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS & Cellular)

Average buyer rating:

Apple Watch Series 4

Well, we have started our list of best smart watches for men 2019 with an Apple 5 smartwatch and would love to end with the Apple 4 watch. Known to be of the best smartwatches, the Apple 4 is not only versatile but has some innovative features as well.

You might be wondering if you can buy Apple 5 instead of Apple 4, and yes, you can! But, Apple 4 costs approximately $95 less when compared to Apple 5.

Apple Watch Series 4 - Front

Design-wise, both Apple 5 and Apple 4 look much similar. They have similar shapes and use similar bands. Both the watches use same memory and processor and feature a crown to navigate through the applications. Apple 4 also has the feature of fall detection and can be used with the WatchOS 6.

One of the notable features of Apple 4 is that it converted a novelty item into a reliable medical device. The watch has been approved by the FDA and can be used to monitor irregular heartbeat. The watch does not feature the compass feature but has other features that are quite helpful for professional athletics as well.

Now that we know and have read our review about the best smart watches for men, let’s have a look at a few commonly asked questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to consider when choosing a smart watch?
    Choosing a smart watch can be challenging, thanks to the wide variety of options available for purchase online. Remember that shopping for a smart watch depends on the user’s interests, but there are a few factors you need to keep in mind. Choose a smart watch that is compatible with your mobile, and is comfortable to wear for long hours. A good smart watch needs to have a long-lasting battery, and there are a few that even go on for days on a single charge. Being water-resistant and having innovative features are some of the other factors you can look into while buying a smart watch.


  • What are the various kinds of smart watches?
    If you are planning to buy your very first smartwatch, you need to know that there are two kinds of smartwatches. They are the Watch OS and the Wear OS. Both these variants are to be used with your smartphone, as they are just an extension that can be worn on your wrist.

    There are also niche smartwatches that are used for a specific purpose, like fitness watches, hiking watches, diving watches, and more. Whatever your choice is, make sure to choose a smartwatch based on your requirements. Like we said in the beginning, do ask a question – “why do I need a smartwatch?”


  • What are the common features of a smartwatch?
    Most of the smartwatches are intended for every day and have features to check notifications, respond to messages, and manage media, use fitness and other applications. The modern versions also have GPS functionality that helps the users to track their location or access alerts specific to a location.

And, now that you know what the best smart watches for men are, browse online to choose the one made just for you. Happy shopping!


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