If you are an executive or a VP in a company, the office is where you need to look stylish and sharp. The outfit you wear needs to be complemented with the right footwear, and hence you need to pick the best from women’s formal shoes available online.

A regular shoe will not do the job when you need to attend a fancy affair or an official event. You certainly need a pair of best women’s formal shoes that can match your overall attire and the event’s style. Formal shoes are made using premium and luxury materials and are often very comfortable. While this might not be the one you think when you decide to buy a pump, you need to focus on both the look and style if you plan to wear them for a prolonged duration.

Wearing comfortable formal shoes protects the health of your feet. You can thus choose mules that come with a heel or opt for slides that have stylish embellishments. If you love pumps, you can opt for the classic style as they are perfect for the workplace. You can opt for darker shades if you wish to achieve a neutral look, or go with a bold style if you wish to flaunt your semi-formal attire.

Women’s formal shoes are beautiful, functional, and desirable. The choice can get a little confusing as there are a wide variety of styles available from different brands. Some ladies’ shoes are apt for certain events, and only a few styles are to be worn for few situations.

So, we have listed the best formal shoes you can pick from, as these are a must-have in every women’s wardrobe. Below is the list of five formal shoes you can pick from.

So, let us steer you in the right direction!

5 Best Women’s Formal Shoes that Get You Noticed with Fine Styling

Product NameAverage Buyer RatingPrice RangeDiscounted Price
Ted Baker Vylett$$$Check Product Price
Rockport Total Motion$$-$$$$Check Product Price
Lucky Brand Emmie$$Check Product Price
Calvin Klein Brady$$-$$$Check Product Price
Forever Doris 22$$-$$$Check Product Price

Ted Baker Vylett

Average buyer rating:
Ted Baker Womens Vylett Pump


If you are looking for stylish women’s formal shoes and do not mind the price, the Ted Baker Vylett is a must check. The stylish pumps come with a peep toe and include a cute bow. These shoes are elegant and will help you look the best when paired with the right outfit. The formal shoes are available in rich shades and make it easy for you to pair up with various dress options – from flirty to light.

If you wish to wear them to a formal work event, you can choose from the darker shades available. The pumps come with a stiletto heel of 10 cm, which helps lengthen the leg, making them the most stylish pumps ever.

The upper of these shoes is made using soft and luxurious satin material, which looks a lot like luxe. The large decorative bow is added to pop in a little excitement, but the metal hardware used provides excellent contrast. The simple yet stylish design certainly speaks for itself.

One of the major pros of these stylish pumps is the use of soft leather for the lining. This makes the shoes comfortable, and one can wear them even without the need of hosiery. The outsole of the shoe is made of resin and this is what makes it durable than the regular shoes. Due to this, the shoes also stand well on uneven or rough surfaces.

The shoes do need a little maintenance, and you need to keep them clean for them to last long. You can occasionally dab them using a damp cloth and make sure they are dry before placing them back in the box.

If you are looking for quality and comfortable formal shoes for the next event, this is indeed the one to choose from.

Rockport Total Motion

Average buyer rating:
Rockport Women's Total Motion 75mm Pointy Pump


When it comes to choosing the best women’s formal shoes, it is hard to find something that is functional and stylish at the same time. You certainly do not want to invest in a pair of high heels that will leave your foot in pain after a few hours of use. You not only need something elegant, but you need something that not only shows off your style and leg but also keeps your feet happy. The Rockport Total Motion pumps offer you just that!

The pumps come with a 3-inch heel and are available in various colors and styles. If you love to stick to the standard blacks, you can opt for the classic black variant, or go with suede or ones made using patent leather. If you wish to try on some bold styles, you can choose from the leopard print or studs. Whatever styles or color you choose, these are the shoes that will for sure leave you satisfied. Be it the looks, the fit, or the comfort; the shoes are just spot on!

Like other pairs of shoes from Rockport, the Total Motion also includes a lot of innovations that make these unique. The shoes include the truTech cushioning near the heel and the forefoot area, and this provides your feet with excellent shock absorption. The shoes also include a foam footbed that provides support and molds well to the feet. The outsole of the shoes is very stable and is slip-resistant.

While the fancy high heels are always expensive, the Rockport Total Motion pumps are affordable and are worth every penny spent on the features they have.

So, if you are looking for a stylish addition to your existing collection, the Rockport Total Motion pumps are a must-have. These are a steal at this price considering the fact that they are made using genuine leather and provide amazing cushioning and comfort.

Lucky Brand Emmie

Average buyer rating:
Lucky Brand Womens Emmie Ballet Flats


Flats are excellent as dress shoes, and Emmie from Lucky Brand are feminine and very elegant. The flats not only look sleek and stylish but are quite comfortable at the same time. These shoes are perfect as casual as well as formal shoes.

The shoes boast of a minimalist design, and the wide opening makes it easy to break-in. The upper of the shoes is smooth and includes very few seams. The virtue of these shoes is, indeed, their simplicity. There are no embellishments or bows, and yet the shoes look feminine and pure.

The upper of the shoe is made of leather and is flexible. The rubber outsole is lightweight, and the inside of the shoe is lined with synthetic material. The use of high-quality materials make them durable and adds to the luxurious appearance of these shoes.

So, if you are looking for a versatile pair of shoes that flaunts its simple design, choose Emmie from Lucky Brand without a second thought.

Calvin Klein Brady

Average buyer rating:
Calvin Klein Women's Brady Pump


Calvin Klein, a globally renowned brand, has always placed its emphasis on progressive ideas, most of which reflect in their products. The Calvin Klein Brady is not only minimal but is surprisingly aesthetic at the same time. The stylish shoes are not only elegant but are crisp and clean at the same time.

The upper and the insole, along with heel, are mostly of the same color, and this creates a cohesion appearance. The shoes have pointed toe that top off the overall look of the shoe. The shoes are made using patent leather, which is smooth and lightweight. The inclusion of a cushioned insole will keep your feet comfortable and provide support, as well.

The shoes have a 4-inch heel and are ideal for formal, semi-formal, and casual occasions. A few users did complain that the shoes might run a size smaller, so be cautious and order a size larger.

If you are a strong and independent woman, the Calvin Klein Brady is the right pair of shoe for you.

Forever Doris 22

Average buyer rating:
Forever Link Women's DORIS-22 Patent Round Toe Wedge Pumps

If you are looking for a stable wedge, look further than Forever Doris 22. Known to have a very versatile heel, the Forever Doris 22 is a classic, practical, and chic formal shoe that can be styled the way you like it. These are the pair of shoes that are perfect as a formal and party wear.

These wedges are minimal but still look strikingly modern. The shoes feature a rounded closed toe that adds to the overall appeal of these wedges, causing a modest impression. The heel of the shoe is about 2 ¾, and this is what makes it ideal for professional events. The size, the simple design, and the construction help you make a point that you are a professional, and still love to have some fun. The wedge design also keeps your feet stable as it allows good surface contact. The wedges are also available in various stylish colors, and hence you can be sure to find one that compliments your outfit.

Forever Doris 22 is a modern looking shoes and boast of a “dress look.” These shoes have a very neat and unified appearance, and help you make a stylish entrance for sure!



Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the various styles of women’s formal shoes?
    The most common styles of women’s formal shoes are pumps, flats, and slingbacks. One can also find amazing styles in ballet flats, sandals and ankle boots as well. Pumps are the most preferred of them as they are stylish and elegant and include a heel, which is often more than 2 inches. Slingbacks are much similar to pumps, but they do not wrap the feet near the heel, but instead include a strap for closure.
  • What are the basic rules to remember when pairing formal shoes?
    There are a few basic rules to remember. You can choose a pair of black shoes as they go well with almost every formal outfit. Never pair black outfits with shoes of brown shades, and this won’t work for many formal events. More than following the rules, you need to build your own style that reflects your personality and taste.
  • How long do women’s formal shoes last?
    Women’s formal shoes can last for a few years if maintained well. You can polish the shoes regularly, and this is important if the upper is made of leather. You can also use shoe trees in the shoe as they absorb sweat and help maintain the shoe shape. You can also invest in different styles of formal shoes and rotate between them. This gives time for drying up any leftover moisture.
  • What are the factors I need to consider when buying women’s formal shoes?
    While there are several things you need to pay attention to when buying formal shoes, a few are a must check. Do make sure the shoes you chose are comfortable and offer stability. You can also look for shock absorption and cushioning, especially when you are planning to choose shoes that have high heels. Another important factor to consider is the size of the shoe. Make sure to choose one that fits perfectly.

Do you wish to make a style statement the next time you enter the meeting room or a formal office party? Well then, it is time you check our list and invest in a good pair of women’s formal shoes. The clean, simple, and elegant design of these shoes provide the perfect finishing touch to your formal attire.


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